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Top 5 Most Common Professions and Their Salaries
Are you curious about the most common professions in any industry, and what their salaries are? If so, you're probably thinking this because you're either looking for a career change, or you're just curious about what they could be. We have compiled a list of the top 5 most common professions and their salaries from the highest to the lowest in America.
Retail Sales Women and Men
In total there are approximately 4.5 million people working in retail at the moment, which makes this occupation the highest when it comes to the top 5 most common professions. These people usually work in many different environments, such as apparel, car sales, and even selling products at carts in malls around the nation. Those who work in retail have a salary of around $12 an hour.
In total there are around 3.3 million cashiers in the nation. These people work at stores and businesses dealing with customers who are purchasing goods or services. On average, a cashier makes a salary or around $10 an hour, depending on where they work.
Fast Food Workers
This may not come as a shock to some when it comes to how high this profession is, especially since there are about 3 million fast food workers across the nation. These people work with food preparation and serving, but not necessarily waitressing, in restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger King. The average salary of a fast food worker is around $10 per hour.
Office Workers/Clerks
Those who were in offices are in charge of ensuring that the company or business runs smoothly by sorting the mail and distributing and editing any memos that are to be sent out, as well as filing and copying both electronic and paper documents. There are approximately 2.8 million office workers, who make approximately $12 an hour.
Registered Nurses
Registered nurses are at an all time high when it comes to the top 5 most common professions, as there are approximately 2.7 million of them currently working across the nation. These workers can work in hospitals, retirement homes, clinics, and sometimes even in people's homes if they need in home care for the elderly or those who are out patients. In truth, there are more teenagers looking at a career in nursing that any other career, who are going to school for their bachelor and associate's degree. Nursing diploma programs also apply in this case. Even though the schedule of a nurse can be incredibly demanding, especially those who work in a hospital or a clinic setting, they get paid well. The average salary of a nurse is around approximately $30 an hour.
The Top 5 Most Common Professions and Salaries
In truth, these top 5 professions are probably not surprising to most, as well as their salaries. Some of these professions require some sort of degree, registered nurses, while most only require a high school diploma or less.

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