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Are You in Need of Resume Help?

Because it's 2015, your resume should be perfected by now. However, if it's not, then there are a couple of tips and tricks that you should definitely be paying attention to. Sprucing up your resume is the best way to show that you are up to date with the world currently, and it's the best way to land a job. You're not going to get many job offers if your resume looks like it came out of 1999.

Sometimes using a template or a resume service can be the best way to ensure that you have the leg up on the competition and a perfect resume, but you can easily do these tips and tricks yourself at home, for free.

Ensure Your Resume is Quantified
By quantified, we mean that your resume needs to have specific numbers for your achievements, and for the scope of all of your previous responsibilities. You could talk about your achievements and awards until the cows come home. However, they will not make much of a difference, unless you show those numbers.

If you are wondering what it means by numbers, then look at the following bullet points listed below to see if any apply directly to you:

  • If you were in charge of training employees, or managing them, write approximately how many.
  • If you at some point helped the company you worked for to increase sales, or helped the company to save money, write how much.
  • If you managed a large budget, write exactly how big it was -- this will bring in some big points, so if it's true, don't forget to add it.
Keep Out Certain Words
The following words listed below should never be put into a resume, because they are too generic and over used by everyone who has ever written a resume before:
  • Results-oriented
  • Team-player
  • Hard worker
  • Passionate
  • Or anything to do with being the perfect candidate.
If any of those words, or others, is in your resume, take them out right now. Employers don't want to see anything generic, because they've seen those words a thousand times before. Resumes are supposed to show how unique you are, not how perfect. Instead of focusing on how you can sell yourself, show results. Put down what you've done over the years and give your interviewer an answer as to why you should be hired. Show, but don't
Don't Be Afraid to Personalize
Adding a specific, personal touch to your resume is the best thing you could do to show your potential employer how unique you are. For example, a bold, pretty border will definitely catch the eye of anyone who sees it, which gives you a better chance. Employers throw out resumes every day, so sprucing yours up will give you the leg up when it comes to the trash pile.
Creating the Perfect Resume
A resume is all about showing results, proving your worth, and giving off a personal touch. If you follow through with the above tips and tricks listed in this article, then you are sure to get more interviews than you expected. Remember, numbers and results will help you lot more than simple words ever will.

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