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Our Recruitment Process

What You Need to Know About the Recruitment Process
Sometimes companies will use a recruiting agency to help them select the best candidates for any open positions they may have available. This is typical for any jobs that are of a higher level, which are typically management positions. However, there are many other ways employers will go through the process, so there's plenty to know about the overall recruitment process when it comes to screening candidates for an open and available position.
Social Media Stalking
In truth, some companies use what's called 'social media stalking' when they have received an application or a resume from a promising candidate. They will check out the applicant of Facebook or Twitter, if the applicant has either or, to see whether or not they'd make a good fit, and to also see what their outside of work activities are. As well, companies also use social media to post job listings if they have a company page. For example, a company might Tweet a link on Twitter that leads to their company website, where an applicant could apply and send in a resume.
Resumes and Applications
The majority of employers will accept resumes or an application, sometimes both, to screen candidates for an open employment position. When it comes to applications, some companies tend to use talent management software to help them figure out which applicants are best for an interview.

Resumes and a cover letter are accepted either through email or in person, and are typically looked over by the employer. Either the employer or a recruitment agency. If it's the latter, they will only send the resumes that are applicable to the open position available. Keep in mind that employers do usually prefer applicants to apply in person with a resume, or to drop off an application.

The Interview
After the recruitment process is finished, applicants who have made the cut will be contacted and brought in for an interview. This is done either by the employer or the recruitment agency used in the beginning of the process. All of the applicants will be contacted by either phone or email with a given date, location and time to come in for an interview.

The interviewer can either be the employer or a specific interviewer, such as a representative from the recruitment agency. However, sometimes an applicant may have to do more when it comes to applying for the job, such as getting a background check to ensure that no criminal record is present. If this is necessary, the employer or the recruiting agent will bring it up during the interview, so it can be completed after it has finished.

Knowing the Process
By knowing the recruitment process, you'll be more patient while waiting to hear back about either your resume or your application. It's also good to know how it goes, in case you need to clean up your Twitter or Facebook feed, which is probably a good idea when you hand either or in.

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