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Interview Tips

Interview Tips to Wow the Interviewer
Your perfect resume has finally landed you that job you've been gunning for, so now it's time to shape up your interview skills. To do so, you're going to need some interview tips to wow the interviewer. There are plenty of tricks you can use to ensure that by the time you leave, you land the job.
Work Out the Questions Before You Go
Look at the position you're applying for, and general interview questions, and determine what your answers would be. Practice your answers as much as you can before your interview so you can be ready. This shows the interviewer that you're prepared, you've done your homework, and you go above and beyond.
Research the Company
If you really want to wow the interviewer, then do some research on the company. This will also help you to answer the "why do you want to work for us" and "what would make you a good fit here" questions. Knowledge is literally power in this case, so learn as much as you can about the company and the position you're being interviewed for before you go in for the interview.
Mind Your Mannerisms While Waiting
Yes, the first impression begins once you've sat down to wait for your interview. Don't shake your legs, bite your nails and or twirl your hair. In fact, cross your legs and sit on your hands, if you can. Be careful of nervous ticks, don't drink too much coffee before you go in, and never chew gum, even while you wait. Present yourself with confidence as soon as you walk through the door and sit down.
Dress for Success
Jeans are never a good idea when it comes to an interview, regardless of the job. A fancy dress or suit is not necessarily needed for an interview, but ensure that you look crisp and clean. If you have to smell an article of clothing to see if it's clean, put it down and walk away from it. When you dress for success, your interviewer will love to see that you're a clean cut person who does not skimp on their attire.
Give a Good Handshake
A wimpy handshake is never a good thing in any situation. Giving a firm handshake shows that you have confidence in yourself, this will make you a stronger candidate when it comes to the position that you are applying for.
Have Confidence and a Good Attitude
Having confidence and a good attitude will go a long way. Always present yourself as nothing more than an equal to your interviewer, but never make yourself seem higher than they are. Show enough confidence and have a good enough attitude to show them that you are happy with yourself and always have a smile to share.
Wowing Your Interviewer
Giving off a great impression and wowing your interviewer is quite an easy task. All it takes is a little preparation and confidence in yourself and you'll be sure to land that job.

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