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Career Advice

The Best Career Advice You'll Ever Need
If you're looking for career advice, then you're obviously not happy with your current position and you'd like to move up within your company, or look at other options. Getting any advice possible means you're trying to do better for yourself in your career, which is the first initial step to success!
Look the Part
Even if you are completely jaded by your job, you still need to give everything your all. Wear appropriate, sharp attire, show up early, avoid smashing your job on social media, and really dig deep into your job. After some time, you'll start to realize your job really isn't that bad and you'd be surprised by how much acting like a professional will do for your job. Once you become more professional about your job, so much more will come your way, such as a better outlook and overall work ethic. Just give it a try!
Think About Your Career
Trying to advance your career just by doing is one thing, but thinking about it is another. Yes, that should be the other way around, but not in this case. Think about all of the options you have, such as new opportunities you've recently heard about, as well as salary comparisons for a position elsewhere. Keep in mind that staying with the current company you work for may not mean you'll advance just because you're working hard. To advance you may need to take a job elsewhere to do so. Once you have your thought process about advancing your career in front of you, the choice to stay or go will become a lot easier.
Speak With Your Boss
Never be afraid to bring your wishes to advance your career to your boss, because chances are it's going to be a home run with him or her. In-person communication is the best way to relay your thoughts and concerns with your boss. You could go about this by asking him or her how they think you are doing with your position, where you have room to improve, and whether or not they could see you advancing anytime soon to a high position.
Better Yourself Work Wise
If you're not taking advantage of professional and training development courses, then you're already setting yourself up to fail. When it comes to advancing your career, you need to utilize every possible resource available to you, and expand the current role you play in the company you work for. As well, you should be taking any feedback or criticism with a grain of salt. Use these comments to improve your work ethic, and don't get too upset if something goes wrong.
Advancing Your Career
If you're looking to move up to a higher position within your company, or within your career in general, then you're already on the right track to success. Remember to use all resources available, take your job seriously, and ask for some feedback on how you're currently doing, from both coworkers and bosses alike.

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